We are multi-disciplinary development specialists.

We assist organizations and communities to plan, make informed decisions and take action that makes development sense that improves people’s lives.

A Multi-Disciplinary Development Agency

Information is essential for making decisions about development to improve the quality of lives of the people of our society. We’re here to help you to get hold of the right information and to assist you with interpreting it to come to decisions so that the best solutions can be found for undoing the obstacles in the way of development.

From demographic profiling of suburbs, Wards, villages, towns, cities and regions to research on specific development challenges and strategies to activate community economic development, we know and understand what development is about.

State your problem, challenge of opportunity so that we can understand how we can help you, or get in touch for a free and impartial consultation.

Get an in depth demographic and socio economic profile of your suburb, Ward, village, town, city or region.

Data Collection and Analysis

Our expertise adds value to any project or organisation seeking to gain insight from well collected data. Whether for public interest or commercial benefit, Development Partners can assist giving you the information that meets your development information and planning needs.

Strategic Support

Every industry, commercial venture or development initiative needs to turn analysed data into action plans that deliver meaningful results. Development Partners experience can help to formulate strategy and activate engagement programmes that achieve your objectives.

Profiling of communities

Using Census and other information any community in South Africa, from small rural villages and suburban townships to Wards, towns, cities, regions and provinces can be profiled in terms of standard development indicators. These can be used to target development initiatives and to serve as baseline data to assess, monitor and evaluate developmental impact

With regards to excellence, it is not enough to know, but we must try to have and use it.”


Using information about local assets, development problems and opportunities to enable communities to turn challenges and opportunities into enterprise policy that makes development sense.
Strategies, plans, projects and programmes are designed by using quality information and state of the art planning tools to enable agents of change and development to pursue their goals and objectives.
Any topic that requires social scientific analysis and the gathering of data from populations through surveys and other scientific means